Race Day!!!!!

What started as a New Year’s Resolution for two Fargo novice runners has wrapped up with sore muscles, feelings of accomplishment, and a few life lessons along the way. Erin Mayer and Josh Thomas decided in January that they would run the Fargo Marathon 10K and Half-Marathon (respectively). In our weekly segments “Getting in Gear” they trained alongside Fargo Marathon director Mark Knutson and other special guests. They learned about running gear, shoes, how to fuel the body, how to keep going when you really want to stop and much more.


It all paid off as Mayer and Thomas crossed the finish line Saturday. Thomas says Knutson’s training really paid off. His advice along with a supportive crowd helped the miles fly by.


“Throughout the race the crowd kept me going – the cheers, the high-5’s and the funny signs  were just what I needed and really kept me going. I cannot thank the people of Fargo enough for their support.”


Mayer was also happy with her race, finishing in less time than she predicted. Surprising since she suffered an injury in the days leading up to the race


“I really struggled this last month. Tendonitis in my hip really slowed me down. I had to take a week off now and then,” she says.


But come race day, it didn’t seem to matter. She met her goal of finishing and looks back and smiles.


“This whole  process has been just fantastic! Running with Josh, and working with Mark…just so much fun!” she says.


Both Mayer and Thomas say they’ve learned some lessons along the way. Thomas says he learned to focus and appreciate his own run.


“ I kept telling myself not to get distracted by other runners and try to keep pace with others, just to listen to my body and just be present in my own run – which made this year’s experience so completely different and more enjoyable! I cheered on those who I passed, I happily let others pass me and did not try to regain my lead on them. For me, this year was all about the experience and the journey.”


Mayer learned what she loves and she knows it’s not necessarily running.


“As much as I enjoyed this experience, I’m not sure I’d call myself a runner. I learned the workout I got excited about during our training was hot yoga. I really enjoyed that and saw my body change. I may or may not run another race. But I learned what works for me and I think  that’s been really beneficial,” she says.


But a bigger question remains for Thomas and Mayer. Who’s paying for beer and pizza? At the beginning of “Getting in Gear” they bet the each could get more people to sign up for either Team Erin or Team Joshn on their blog gettingingear.areavoices.com. The runner with the fewest number of teammates buys dinner at Rhombus Guys in Fargo.


Check out our video to see who had to pick up the tab and for scenes from race day. Thanks to all for Getting in Gear!

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  1. Congratulations both of you! I’m in my third year of running, and my journey has been very similar. I run for my health, but I race to be with all the great people in the area running community!

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