FAQ’s for Race Day

You’ve put in the miles, nursed the sore knees and guzzled the sports drinks, now it’s time to hit the course. Race day is almost here and the devil is in the details. Where do I park? Where do I go? When should I pick up my race packet?


Fargo Marathon executive director Mark Knutson is happy to answer questions from our new runners Josh Thomas and Erin Mayer in this video segment of Getting in Gear.

For all the information go to the Fargo Marathon website at fargomarathon.com. But here’s a synopsis of some of the most frequently asked questions.


1. Where/When do I pick up my race packet? – Packets will be available on Thursday, May 8th and Friday May 9th at the Fargo Civic Center. Organizers will be set up on the lawn between the Civic Center and the library with an expo of vendors inside the building. Knutson is urging people to pick up packets on those days. In fact, all marathon and half-marathon packets must be picked up by Friday evening.


2. What should I do the morning of the race? – Knutson recommends giving yourself plenty of time. Plan to arrive to your designated race day spot (more on that in a minute) by 6:00am. Knutson says don’t be one of those people stuck in traffic as the race starts. Use that time to eat a light breakfast, a power bar,  toast and a cup of coffee.


3. Where do I park? – Knutson says parking is always the #1 question for race goers and spectators. He says different staging areas or athlete villages have been set up for the 10K, Half-Marathon and Marathon. 10K runners can park and gather at the Civic Center, Half-Marathoners park in Island Park, and the Marathoners will meet at the Moorhead Center Mall. Knutson says shuttle bus service will be running that day. Check their website for details. Also, MAT bus is offering free rides to spectators that day.


4. Once I’ve arrived at my athlete village how to I know when to get to the start line? Knutson says announcements will be made at each village to alert runners to make their way to the start line. Knutson says as you’re waiting for the gun to go off, make sure to use the bathrooms and drink a little water. But most of all, relax and enjoy the atmosphere and getting to know your fellow runners.


5. Are courses clearly marked? How will I know where to go? – A 10K’er definitely doesn’t want to veer off and run the marathon. The courses are clearly marked and officials will be directing you to make sure you’re going the right way.


6. I’ve crossed the finish line. Now what? – First, celebrate! Enjoy a beverage and some food. Showers are available at the Civic for those who wish to freshen up. Hang out and cheer on incoming runners. And be sure to keep your race bib. The ticket to the night’s concert featuring Hairball and Pop Rocks is attached to the bib.


Fargo Marathon’s website, fargomarathon.com is full of all the information you’ll need for race day. Good luck and happy running!

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