Running for Shoes

As of 2012, more than a third of all American children were considered overweight or obese. Parents, teachers, and schools are trying to tackle the problem with education and awareness. Today on Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin, Erin Mayer visits with Kris Lindemann, a 4th grade teacher at South Elementary School in West Fargo who has created a program that’s encouraging kids to get up and getting moving.


“Runners and Readers” is for 4th and 5th graders at the school. Students come to the gym an hour before school starts. They’re invited to run laps, enjoy snacks and drinks and listen to stories. Lindemann says the program also teaches kids about goal setting. The students are given pedometers to track the miles they run in preparation for the Fargo Marathon events in May.


Fargo Marathon executive director Mark Knutson says it’s encouraging to see young  people getting involved in the sport and especially heartening to know that through the charitable “Shoes for Kids” program at this year’s race, that many more children will be able to pick it up.


Together with  help from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Discovery Benefits, Dakota Medical Foundation, and Nike one dollar of every 5K registration will go toward the purchase of running shoes for children who need them in our community. In 2013, 1,000 pairs of shoes were given out by elementary schools in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. Knutson says the goal this year is to give away 2,000 pairs.


And Knutson is keeping it interesting. In addition to the 5K registration donation, Knutson is planning to run the full marathon himself, starting at 4:00pm on race day. He’s hoping to collect a thousand dollars a mile that will go towards the Shoes For Kids program.


If you’d like more information, watch our video or go to the  Fargo Marathon website at  Next week: the race is inching closer. Should I amp it up or taper it down?

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