What to look for in spring running clothing and sports bras

As the weather warms up it’s time to re-examine running clothes. Gone are the multiple layers and mittens, it’s time to lighten up. In this week’s Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin, Fargo Marathon Director Mark Knutson looks at spring/summer running clothes while Go Far Woman director Sue Knutson gives you tips on buying a running bra.


What to look for in spring running clothing:


1) Capris or shorts – When the temperature hits 45 or so, Mark Knutson says capris with a long sleeve shirt are a nice option for women. He says awhile back manufacturers sold men’s capri running pants, but it went over like a lead balloon. Instead, men can opt for the latest trend in running shorts, the 2 in 1 short which combines a tight inner layer with a more traditional running short. It gives runners warmth, support and movability.


2) Leave the cotton behind – while you might be tempted to throw on a cotton t-shirt for your spring/summer run, it’s not the best option. Cotton absorbs water which can create chafing and rashes on the skin. Polyester is a better choice. Lightweight dri-weave fabrics keep moisture away from skin.


3)Reflectivity is still important – Chances are you’ll be doing more daylight running in the spring and summer, even so reflectivity in running clothes remains important. Whether its a reflective strip on the sleeves or back of your jacket, or even a jacket that gets recharged under lights it’s a good idea to give it a try. Safety first.

5 Signs you need a new sports bra


1) The band causes chafing – Sue Knutson says the band, not the straps, are what provides the most support in a sports bra. But if your band is causing your skin to break out in a rash or chafe, it’s time to look at a new one.


2) You’re layering bras – If you need to wear two sports bras to give you adequate support, it’s time to chuck them for one bra that does the job. In this case, Knutson says you get what you pay for. Consider investing in one quality sports bra instead of cheap bras that require doubling up.


3) You can no longer read the tags – if the washing instructions have worn off, the garment is probably old enough not to be doing it’s job.


4) You’re wearing the same bra as your different sized friend – Knutson says women come in all shapes and sizes and an A cup should be wearing a different model bra than her D cup friend. She says A and B cups can get away with a compression bra which simply provides support through a tight fit. C and D cups should consider bras that both compress and encapsulate the breasts. Think a combination sports bra and underwire. D cups and above are best off with a full underwire, encapsulated sports bra

5) You need new shoes – Most of the time you should be replacing your sports bras every year or so. Knutson says consider making it a habit when you buy new shoes that you pick up a new bra at the same time.


 Next week, what to do when your motivation to keep going goes right out the window.

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