Why you need to stop running (sometimes)

Runners aren’t built by running alone. You can’t run everyday, so what do you do on “off” days?

That’s the focus of episode #8 of Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been watching as Fargo Marathon director Mark Knutson trains a couple of less-experienced athletes on how to run a race.

Josh Thomas is a 33-year-old advertising executive. He’s single and ran the 5k and 10k races at last year’s Fargo Marathon. With Knutson’s help he’s shooting for the Half-Marathon this year.


Erin Mayer is a 38-year-old salesperson. She’s married with two children. She’s not run a race before but is training for the 10k with Knutson.

So far Mayer and Thomas are enjoying their time spent running. But Knutson is encouraging them (and all of us training alongside them) to cross-train. He says it’s bad for the body to run 7 days a week. Along with rest days, one or two days a week should be saved for other activities. He says the key is to find something you like: yoga, weight lifting, walking the dog, spinning class, swimming, you name it. Cross train days enable your body to recover from running while helping you keep your fitness levels high in areas such as cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength.

Next week: How to avoid injury.

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