Strength in Numbers

If it’s a Saturday morning and you happen to stop into any coffee shop in Fargo-Moorhead you might just see a table full of smiling runners downing their morning coffee. Tracy Clow is one of them. The Fargo woman is an avid runner who finds inspiration running alongside others.


“It’s amazing how fast the miles tick by when I run with them!” she says.


Clow and her group of friends run together almost every Saturday as they train for the Fargo half-marathon.


Mark Knutson, director of the Fargo Marathon, says it’s a smart thing to do. In this week’s episode of “Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin,” Knutson and experienced runner Teresa DeMers tell our runners Josh Thomas and Erin Mayer why team training makes so much sense.


They agree with Clow that running with a friend helps the time pass faster, but they also say it makes you more accountable. When you don’t feel like getting of bed for that morning run, it helps to know that a friend is waiting to meet you at the track or gym.


If you don’t have a group of friends with whom to run, there are plenty of organized groups and classes you can join. Here are just a few ideas:


FSR Fargo Marathon Training

Programs available for 5K to Marathon runners with two weekly morning runs available now. Trained runners are there to assist and members receive 20% off Fargo Running Company purchases. Runners also can take part in educational running clinics and a post marathon party. For more information go to:


Beyond Running Club

Year round runs are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm.Different routes available: 3 miles, 5 miles, or 7 miles.For more information go to


Moms on the Run

New to Fargo, Moms on the Run has been thriving in the Twin Cities for six years. Moms on the Run is a beginner running program for women of all ages and fitness levels. Choose to train once or twice a week, Wednesday and Sundays, 6:30pm in West Fargo. For more information go to :

Next week: How to train by NOT running.

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