Getting in Gear #6 – Tips for outdoor running



We’ve all seen those people. In the middle of winter, in the most frigid of weather, out running like it’s a balmy day in May. What do they know that you don’t?

Mark Knutson, the director of The Fargo Marathon, says there is no big secret to running outdoors in the winter. In this week’s segment “Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin,” Mark gives Josh a few important tips for running outside when the cold winds blow.

Outdoor Winter Running Tips:

1. Embrace it! Knutson says before you head outside to run you might question your sanity. But he says ten seconds into your run you’ll be fine. In fact, you might feel refreshed and invigorated.

2. Cover your face when it’s below zero. That will help you avoid frostbite and windburn. Knutson says contrary to popular believe your lungs will not freeze during a short run outside. But protect them by covering your mouth when it’s frigid.

3. Keep the ice racing for Apolo Ohno. When you’re running on icy streets or sidewalks shorten your stride to avoid slipping and falling. Now is not the time to concentrate on improving your time or racing.

4. Watch corners. That is where ice is often at it’s most dangerous. Use extra caution and even slow down at corners.

5. Consider accessories. In the winter, some runners choose to use ice cleats to improve their traction. Think about them as tire chains for your shoes. Top brands include: Yaktrax, Petzl and Stabilicers.

Next week: the biggest mistake runners make while stretching and the lowdown on the cooldown.

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